Gear Protect 80ml

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Gear Protect is a fully synthetic and oil-soluble gear oil additive which has been newly developed according to the latest technology for use in modern manual, auxiliary and differential transmissions. The surfaceactive components of high-pressure and wear-protection additives reduce wear and guarantee optimum transmission operation.


  • friction and wear reducing
  • reduces gearshift resistance
  • outstanding emergency-running properties
  • increases smooth operation
  • reduces transmission noise
  • secures optimum transmission operation

Areas of application

For vehicle manual, auxiliary and differential transmissions. Not to be used in motorbikes or fully automatic transmissions and differential transmissions with self locking differential.


One 80 ml tube is sufficient for 2 litres of gear oil. Before adding, the corresponding amount of gear oil must be removed from the transmission using the tube provided and disposed of in accordance with the regulations. Single addition at any time, particularly during oil changes and repairs.