ATF + Power Steering Additive 250ml

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Due to the additives contained, rubber and plastic seals in power-steering and transmissions receive optimal care. Leaks in the gearbox caused by hardened or brittle seals are prevented or remedied.

In addition, holes and ducts in the transmission are cleaned, the performance of the oil is revitalized.

The noise from the power-steering will be reduced and the shifting operations are improved.

Using ATF Additives, the service life of automatic transmissions can be lengthened and repair costs reduced.


  • regenerates seals
  • prevents oil loss
  • care and protection
  • cleans and maintains
  • stable to oxidation
  • minimizes unwanted noise
  • prevents expensive repairs
  • increases service life
  • high wear resistance
  • prevents rapid aging of oil
  • damps shifting operations

Areas of application

Suitable for power-steering and automatic transmissions that are filled with ATF II and ATF III oils.


Mix ATF Additive into the gear oil using the dipstick.

250 ml are sufficient for up to 8 liters of oil.