Universal Easy Lip

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Autostyle Easy Lip gives your car a unique sporty look, in 3 easy steps you’ll have a front spoiler and / or side skirts on your car at a fraction of the cost of normal front spoilers and side skirts.

Only 1 roll (225cm) is sufficient to make this fit your entire front bumper. If you want to make it fit your sideskirts, two roles may be required.


  • Super easy to apply Universal for all cars
  • Fraction of the price of regular front spoilers and side skirts
  • Protect your bumper or side skirts against damage


  • Clean the underside of your bumper clean (degrease) for good adhesion
  • Paste the Easy-Lip on the bumper or sideskirts
  • Cut the Easy-Lip with a sharp pair of scissors and you’re done!

If you still require help with this, please have a look at their video: