Simoniz Upholstery Wipes

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Simoniz Upholstery Wipes
Spills and marks are inevitable in a car when you’re on the go, but they can leave your car’s interior looking and smelling unpleasant. 
It can be difficult to clean soft fabrics like car seats, so having a cleaning product to hand to deal with spills as they happen can keep your car looking at its best. Part of our dedicated interior range developed to keep your car clean, Simoniz Upholstery Wipes have a foaming action formulated to remove tough stains quickly. 
Keep them in your car and use them any time to freshen your interior and restore to a lovely new car fragrance.
  • Guaranteed to foam for faster cleaning
  • New car fragrance
  • Convenient and easy to use
Remove stains and marks from your car’s upholstery any time, with Simoniz Upholstery Wipes.