Mothers CMX Ceramic 3in1 Polish and Coat

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Mothers CMX Ceramic 3-in-1 Polish & Coat lets you take the guesswork out of applying and maintaining ceramic coatings and can be used at all stages of the coating process. Use Mothers CMX Ceramic 3-in-1 Polish & Coat from pre-paint correction to priming your paint for ceramic application and to repair and refresh an existing coating. Thanks to Mothers CMX 3-in-1 Ceramic Polish & Coat’s cutting-edge abrasives, all minor imperfections are removed on any coated or uncoated surface. While it is correcting, Mothers CMX 3-in-1 Ceramic Polish & Coat lays down an acrylic-SiO2 ceramic foundational primer that will leave your surface with a peak coating adhesion for a lasting bond. Mothers CMX Ceramic 3-in-1 Polish & Coat does not contain any waxes or oils, so coatings can be applied immediately and safely after use.

What’s the difference between pre-paint correction, priming your paint and refreshing an existing coat? You’ll never have to know the reason for the difference if you have Mothers CMX Ceramic 3-in-1 because this product is used for all three types of applications. Plus, as it repairs minor imperfections it also lays down an SiO2 coating, known for leaving surfaces smooth and protected.

Mothers CMX Ceramic 3-in-1 Polish & Coat is designed to work in three areas of polishing game: pre-paint correction, priming your paint and refreshing a paint coat. Chemically formulated to remove minor imperfections, use this product to rid yourself of scratches that hinder the overall look of your car. While the cutting-edge abrasives are removing imperfections from your car’s surface, a special, high-powered acrylic SiO2 ceramic foundation layer is being applied. This SiO2 foundation is beneficial for many reasons. The SiO2 provides an optimal base coating adhesion that creates a long-lasting bond to your surface, blockading your paint from future contaminants.

Speaking of SiO2 capabilities, SiO2 protects surfaces by basically adding an extra layer of skin that protects your paint job. This protective layer repels water and dirt, allowing for water beading and helping prevent water spots. SiO2 also allows for an increase gloss, making your car look fresh off the lot. The increased gloss is also a benefit of the SiO2 making your car’s surface chemically resistant and more resistant to abrasion.

A 3-in-1 product like Mothers CMX Ceramic 3-in-1 Polish & Coat is a timesaver, space saver and a money saver. Being able to use one product as primer, protector and a one-step saves you the hassle from having to buy multiple products for similar processes. You get three products in one! This in turn saves you the cost of buying multiple products and accessories, as well as, space in your garage. The convenience of using one product, instead of switching back and forth between a few, keeps you from having to be extra wary of what product you are on using on which step.