MK7 GTI Front Bumper

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This high quality bumper gives the vehicle a sporty look. The bumper is attached to the original attachment points to give you that GTI Look. The material is made of paintable, shatterproof and impact-resistant plastic.

Produced from high quality shatterproof and impact resistant Polypropylene.

  • Suitable for vehicles with PDC without SRA

Bumper is supplied primed, ready to be painted and fitted. (We will not supply bumpers ready painted.)

Parts included:

  • Bumper
  • Grilles
  • Foglights

To ensure the part looks as good as it possibly can on your car, we strongly suggest it is prepped, painted, and fitted by a professional or reputable bodyshop.

We are confident that the part will be a perfect fitment, however we do still ask that all parts are test fitted before painting, for this reason we will not supply the part ready painted. We will not accept any painted or modified parts for return.

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Weight19.7 kg
Dimensions200 × 70 × 50 cm
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