Michiba T10 (501) 4smd bulbs (Pair)

Code: BU501CAN4LED


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Detailed description: LED bulb CAN BUS T10, 12V, 4 LEDs, white, Michiba, HL 371

CAN-BUS LED bulb Michiba with socket T10, white light, 3 x LED / 1 x LED. Suitable for parking lights, license plate lighting, dashboard, interior or other use in the vehicle, 12V power supply. The package contains 2 light bulbs.

Technical parameters:
– socket: T10
– power supply: 12V
– light colour: white
– 3 x LED + 1 x LED

CAN BUS LED bulb is suitable for vehicles with cracked bulb detection (error message). No need to install a resistor.

– high luminosity
– long service life
– shock resistant
– low current consumption