F1 Interior Detailer 473ml

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There are many types of surfaces found in today’s auto interiors. Dashboards alone feature different materials and finishes…from shiny chrome-like accents to matte plastics. Cleaning and getting a streak-free result has been difficult…until now. Formula 1 Complete Interior Cleaner will leave all types of finishes in your interior clean, streak-free and looking like new. Use it with a microfiber for best results. We recommend using Formula 1 Super 2-Pack with a bonus microfiber to use on the exterior of your car.

Thoroughly Cleans ALL Auto Interior Surfaces

  • Cleans all auto interior surfaces.
  • Streak-free formula removes the toughest dirt, dust and grime.
  • No smearing or residue.
  • Leaves car interiors smelling fresh and looking like new.